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Built for ppc experts.

Optmyzr automates AdWords with you in the driver's seat.

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Manage Shopping Ads

Manage Product Listing Ads more efficiently.

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Automated PPC Reports

Automated reports, notifications, and alerts for AdWords, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics.

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The Complete PPC Toolkit

Manage AdWords, Bing Ads and Shopping Ads faster and more profitably.  


Create new ad groups automatically.


Optimize campaigns for better performance. Not just for bidding.


Share results with stakeholders
and customers.

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Best PPC Management Software

Optmyzr was honored to be named best PPC management software at the 2015 US Search Awards.

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meet Our Founders

We are Google and Microsoft alumni and we helped create the AdWords UI, the AdWords Editor, and AdWords Quality Score before we created Optmyzr.

Frederick Vallaeys
Co-Founder & CEO

Frederick was Google's AdWords Evangelist.

Frederick Vallaeys
Co-Founder & CEO
Geetanjali Tyagi
Co-Founder & COO

Geetanjali was an account strategist at Google.

Geetanjali Tyagi
Co-Founder & COO
Manas Garg
Co-Founder & Technical Architect

Manas was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft.

Manas Garg
Co-Founder & Technical Architect
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The Tools

Optmyzr's PPC tools are built to be easy-to-use for anyone, yet powerful enough to let experts automate their own secret sauce.

  • More Data
    Unique Data About Your PPC Accounts
    Share how your work on PPC accounts is improving performance.

    Get access to unique data like historical Quality Score, search query word clouds, geographical heatmaps and hourly performance charts. Use this data to do advanced optimizations and improve account performance. 

  • Visualizations
    Data Visualizations For Easier Interpretations
    Monitor all your accounts and metrics on a single dashboard.

    Monitor change in performance across AdWords, Bing and Analytics accounts on the same dashboard. Prioritize accounts that need immediate attention. Easy to understand visualizations for geographic and hourly performance data.

  • Reporting
    PPC Reporting
    Get notified about potential issues before they escalate.

    Get notified when key performance metrics like CPA and ROAS start declining and fix the problem before it escalates. Cause tree visualizations help find which element in the account is causing performance to decline.

  • Keywords
    Optimize Keywords
    Find new keywords; remove wasteful keywords.

    Use tools based on our proprietary algorithms to add new keywords, remove keywords that don't drive sales and add negative keywords to reduce wasted spend.

  • Bids
    Optimize Bids
    Hit your goals for traffic, conversions, CPA and ROAS with automated bids.

    Manage bids for thousands of shopping product groups and search keywords, based on CPA and ROAS goals. Automate yet maintain control over your account.

  • Ads
    Optimize Ads
    Write better performing ads; remove ads that don't drive results.

    Remove underperforming ads with a single click and create new ad copy by combining the best performing ads to continue testing.

  • Display
    Optimize Display Network Campaigns
    Remove wasteful placements on the Google Display Network.

    Exclude placements that don't help your campaigns meet their goal (sales, traffic, branding) on the display network. Suggestions are based on statistical significance.

  • Shopping
    Optimize Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads
    Build better structured shopping ads; set the right bids.

    Create well structured shopping campaigns with thousands of product groups in a few minutes. Keep the shopping campaigns in your AdWords accounts in sync with your feed by refreshing them with a single click.

  • Reports
    Automated Shareable PPC Reports
    Share how your work on PPC accounts is improving performance.

    Create customized reports to track PPC performance and set them up to be automatically shared with stakeholders and customers. Reports can be shared as PDF reports via email or as interactive links.

  • Monitoring
    Monitor PPC Performance
    Monitor all your accounts and metrics on a single dashboard.

    Create custom reports for multiple AdWords, Analytics and Bing accounts to monitor performance. Convert these reports into dashboards that update regularly.

  • Aggregation
    Analyze Data At All Levels 
    Aggregate data for accounts, campaigns and labels

    Aggregate data for multiple PPC accounts to analyze overall PPC performance. Include data for campaigns, labels and accounts in the same report to tell a complete story.

  • Create
    AdWords Scripts for Creating Ads, Campaigns and Keywords
    Expand your account and keep it in sync with your feed and inventory.

    Automatically create new ads and keywords from your feed each time it is updated. Keep your AdWords account in sync with your site at all times.

  • Manage
    AdWords Scripts for Managing Existing Campaigns
    Make your account better every hour with automated optimizations.

    Save money by pausing keywords and ads that lead to inactive landing pages and save cost. Do advanced budget management by automatically pausing keywords, ad groups, campaigns if they exceed budget.

  • Report
    AdWords Scripts for Reporting and Notifications
    Automatically add data to spreadsheets and process it.

    See aggregated data for different keyword match types. Get notified every hour if your AdWords campaigns are not performing as expected or if your AdWords account stops getting traffic.

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