David Johnson

David Johnson is a digital marketer, husband, and father living in beautiful Colorado Springs, Co. He's the CMO and partner of 3GEngagement, a full-service digital ad agency with a focus on paid search, display, and search engine optimization.
  • That’s a great article David. I am also a huge fan of Optmyzr and particularly for the ease of troubleshooting QS issues.

    High quality score = great user experience = brand evangelist
    Low quality score = lousy user experience = lost user forever

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jim! I totally agree, I have no problem sharing quality score with a client, once they understand it, they feel very comfortable with the work we do. It also gives them an idea of just how much work we put in to optimize thier accounts.

  • Brandon Carter

    Great article, David.

    What are your thoughts on how bid jamming like the type at issue in the Wickfire lawsuit is going to affect quality score if Google continues to allow it to occur? Wickfire’s bid jamming tactics appear to take quality score out of the ad rank equation.


  • Awesome info collected regarding Quality Score in one bucket, David. What if I target competitors keyword in our campaign? Can I get a better position using competitors keyword? Any help!

    Thank you.

    • Typically, buying competitive keywords will decrease your quality score. I see this a lot in the automotive space. But, if done during the research phase, instead of the shopping phase of the buying cycle, you have a better chance of converting clicks. They may not convert right away (depending on how long the buying cycle is) but it’s a good tactic.