• Kevin O’Sullivan

    Reading this and the last article doesn’t fully make sense. You say to place Heels in its own Ad Group, but then talk about ‘in an ad group that has only keywords related to black heels’ – but your original structure has also red heels and white heels. Did I miss something?

    Should each of these Ad Groups Heels, Dress Shoes and Sneakers been split into a more granular ad group structure from the start, i.e. Red Heels, Black Heels, White Heels, Red dress shoes, Black dress shoes etc. The flow of the article doesn’t make it obvious.

    • Ad group themes can be as granular as you want. The best case scenario is one keyword per ad group but that is not always possible. If you want to build out the account at a very granular level, then it makes sense to split out ad groups further which means having separate ad groups for Red Heels, White Heels etc. instead of one ad group for heels.