Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys was one of the first 500 employees at Google where he helped grow the AdWords search marketing system and served as Google’s AdWords Evangelist, teaching advertisers about which Google products are best to support their marketing goals. He was a key player on several of the teams that made AdWords into the leading platform for search marketing, including the team that started the AdWords Editor and the one that acquired Urchin (now Google Analytics).

He has contributed his technical expertise to several AdWords books including bestsellers like “AdWords for Dummies,” “Advanced Google AdWords,” and “Quality Score in High Definition” and he writes a monthly blog for

He helps advertisers improve their search marketing results through, an AdWords tool company that makes a Historical Quality Score Tracker, One-Click AdWords Optimizations and other tools to make account management more efficient.

  • John Redfield

    So far the only thing I am seeing, and consistently across all the accounts I manage, is a drop in CTR, and bold jump in CPC. All my campaigns have a long history of excellent CTR and dominating the one box. I hope your predictions hold true, but I am not seeing it that way now.

    • How’s the data now 1 week later? Still seeing declines in CTR and increases in CPC? I talked with a lot of people at SMX West this week and I didn’t hear much negative about this change.

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  • Kathrine Kennley

    Conversion rate tells you which ad clicks are leading to conversions. As many of you probably know, conversions are actions that have value to your business. Conversion rate will give you a better understanding of what ads are actually leading towards your PPC goals. And yet again, Google Analytics makes it very easy to track this. Under the Conversions tab, there’s a metric Goal Conversion Rate, and there you go.