• Does “Embedded Match” still work?
    I have created an adgroup Today with a phrase match keywords and then added same kw as exact negative in that same adgroup and the ads are not showing due to a negative kw!

    • optmyzr.com

      Hi Matt,

      When you create an ad group with both a phrase match and negative exact of the same keyword, your ad may only show when the query includes the keyword + some additional words before or after it.

      For example if your ad group has these keywords:
      “red roses”
      -[red roses]

      … your ad may appear for searches like this:
      buy red roses
      red roses delivered

      … but your ad will NOT appear when someone searches for
      red roses

      The Traffic Sculptor tool helps eliminate ad impressions from the incorrect ad group. Please use our chat functionality or send us a support ticket if you’d like to discuss how this is working in your account.

      Thanks for using Optmyzr!

      • I have the setup that you referring to, but the kw notification is alerting me that the ad is not running due to a negative kw. Please see attached screen-shoot.

        • optmyzr.com

          Yes this appears normal to me because Google checks if the keyword would show if the user searched for the exact text of the keyword. In this case, the ad would not show due to the negative exact match keyword that is blocking it, but your ad may be shown for searches that include extra words before or after.

          By the way, just to be clear about what our tool does: it adds negative exact match keywords in ad groups that have been shown for a query that already exists as a keyword elsewhere in your account. We don’t add negatives to block traffic as in your screenshot.