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How Can I Use The Shopping Bidder To Reduce CPAs

Is there a way to find money wasting shopping groups in my PLA (Shopping) campaigns and get rid of these so I can improve my CPA from shopping ads?


  • There are several ways to use the Shopping Bidder to improve CPA for your shopping ads. In addition to our default optimization methodologies that find product groups with a positive ROAS that could be bid higher, and negative ROAS product groups whose bids should be reduced, you can use the custom filter option to create your own recipe.

    Here's one example of how to change the custom filters:

    Let me explain what I've done here:
    1. I increased the date range so I will catch groups that are losing money slowly but that may not have enough data in the past 30 days to make a decision
    2. I set a threshold for cost so that I will only find groups that have spent at least $10 (you can set this higher depending on your needs)
    3. I set the field for conversions to 0 so I won't find any groups that contribute sales
    4. I set the minimum ROAS to 0
    5. I apply the filter (and I could optionally save it for re-use in the future)
    If I was willing to give up some conversions, instead of doing #4 on the list above, I could have set my "Cost per Conversion" field's minimum to a value that's higher than what I'm willing to pay for a conversion. That way I would find expensive CPA keywords.

    At the end, there's no way to delete or exclude these groups so I would reduce the bids to the minimum of 0.01. Alternatively you could download the list as a csv and use the AdWords Editor to remove these groups.
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