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Ideas for using Calculated Metrics in reporting

Now that Optmyzr supports calculated metrics in reports, what are some ways to use this feature? I'd love to hear how you're using it!


  • I've used it to rename some metrics fields in reports based on preferences. For example, I like to call Conv.Value/Cost as ROAS (return on ad spend). 
  • Nice! That way you could use whatever terminology each client understands best. I've certainly heard of stories where clients consistently ask for a metric that is already included in reports, but they just fail to make the connection between Google's name for the metric and what they call it at their company.

    This is also pretty helpful in light of how often Google has been redefining the metric 'conversions' lately. Now rather than re-explaining every couple of months what the metric means, you could use custom metrics to make sure that the meaning of the KPI doesn't change in the reports you create with Optmyzr.
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