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How is the Quality Score measured by the Quality Score Tracker?

How are the three components of Quality Score calculated in the Quality Score Tracker?


  • In AdWords, the three components of Quality Score - Ad relevance, Landing page experience and Expected CTR are shown as ‘below average’, ‘average’ and ‘above average’. Quality Score Tracker aggregates this data by assigning a numerical score that can range from 1 to 10, e.g. below average = 2, average = 6 and above average = 10 and aggregates it to calculate the Quality Score.

    Showing the component scores at higher levels than just the keyword helps you see bigger issues to focus on. Which is why we have made this data available at the account, campaign, ad group and keyword level in the relevant tabs in the Quality Score Tracker. For example, if you see that the Landing Page Experience score for the account is less than four then the website as a whole needs to be fixed.
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