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Can I use Optmyzr tools if I have an automatic bidding strategy?

I'm currently using CPA bidding, and I want to know if the tools will work.


  • That's a good question! CPA is an automated bidding strategy which doesn't allow you to make manual bid changes. So, all of Optmyzr tools will work except the One-Click Optimizations for Bids. This happens because the bids cannot be changed manually so you won't be able to make bid changes through Optmyzr.\

    If you wish to make changes through Optmyzr One-Click Optimizations for Bids, you can set your bidding strategy to a flexible bidding strategy like CPC Bidding.
  • Does the Bid Rule Engine work with CPA Bidding?
  • @"Esperanza Arriagada" To add some more information, the One-Click Optimizations for Bids can be used with ECPC. This is because in ECPC AdWords increases bids up to 30% over and above your base bid. It is not a completely automated bidding strategy like target CPA. This includes any bid adjustments you want to set like geo bid adjustments or hourly bid adjustments.
  • @"Julia Jackman" If you're using target CPA bidding, it is advisable to not use any other external method to change bids. The AdWords system automatically changes bids on the fly when you use an automated bidding strategy to meet the set goal. It is also not possible to manually change the bids in such cases.
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