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Why has my cost-per-click increased despite maintaining a good quality score?

edited September 2016 in PPC Discussions
Despite maintaining a good quality score, my CPC has increased considerably in last 6 months. Any ideas to fix this?


  • There can be multiple reasons for why the average CPC on an account increases.

    1. The Quality Score of the account has dropped. This means that you now have to pay more for the same clicks because Google thinks the keywords, ads and landing page are less relevant to the queries. A good way to check this is to use a tool like the Quality Score Tracker ( to see how QS has changed over time. Since you mentioned that the QS of your account has remained good, then this may not be the reason for increase in CPC.
    2. The other reason can be increased competition. If the Quality Score on the account has remained the same, then increased competition can be a reason for increased CPCs. More people are competing for the same search terms. This can be checked by using Google Trends. You can search for your highest costing keywords and see if the demand and traffic for those has increased. You can use Auction Insights in your AdWords account to get an idea of the competition.

    To reduce your CPCs, you can start looking at your search terms report more closely to find negative keywords. This will help cut out irrelevant traffic. Also, if the goal for the account is getting more conversions, I would recommend looking at the conversion data in the account as well. It is better to track that more closely than CPC.
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