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Shared budgets Vs Individual budgets

What would be the main reason you would use a shared budget over an individual campaign budget other than just simplicity? What if any, are the advantages over an individual budget? It seems to me that an individual campaign budget can be managed more effectively if a campaign is performing well or poor. Is it possible for example to increase the overall IS of an ad group when using a shared budget by increasing spend for that adgroup/campaign?



  • Ease of management is probably the main reason for using shared budgets. However I believe that the best results are achieved with the most granular management and that means using different budgets for every campaign. I agree with your point that you should manage budgets based on whether a campaign is doing well or poorly and aggregating everything together is a bit of a lazy approach in my book.

    Some of the reasons why advertisers still use shared budgets:
    1. Sometimes campaigns have too little data and it's hard to know which ones need more or less budget. By combining everything into 1 budget pool, the data is aggregated and it's easier to make decisions.
    2. Advertisers can more easily enforce an account-level budget of sorts, something many clients request. We have an Enhanced Script that allows you to enforce monthly account budgets even when using campaign level daily budgets.
    3. If more budget becomes available and advertisers use automated bidding from Google, they don't need to worry about how to allocate that budget between many campaigns.

    I understand why advertisers use shared budgets but when it's up to me, I will always use a campaign level budget and sometimes I wish I even had access to more granular budgets.
  • Thanks Frederick that makes a lot of sense. I use the enhanced script you mentioned when managing monthly account budgets and I have to say it is one of the nicest scripts I have ever used especially the ease of which you can manage the script from within Optmyzr.

    I'm getting more and more frustrated with the shared budgets on a lot of my accounts and the lack of fine management. I think I'll change them all to individual budgets, there may be a bit more work involved but I think it will be worth it when squeezing the most performance out of a campaign.
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