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Keywords with low search query volume.

What is the best approach to handle lower search query volume for keywords in your account. Should they be removed or should we add more keywords to such ad groups?


  • edited October 2016
    Google marks keywords as 'low search volume' if they have very little search traffic i.e. a lot of people are not searching for them. These keywords are not entered into the auction by Google and don't receive traffic. The keywords remain inactive till search traffic for them increases. Once the search traffic for these keywords crosses a certain threshold, Google removes the 'low search volume' status and the keyword becomes eligible to start showing ads. Searches for low search volume keywords have to consistently increase for them to become eligible to enter auctions.

    You can check out a blog by Optmyzr which explains how you can work around keywords while they are marked as ‘low search volume’ by Google. It is available on this link: -
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