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Conversions from Ad Extensions higher than actual conversions

Hi Everyone,
I just noticed that conversion under the ad extensions tab exceed overall conversion that I have had in my campaign. How is this possible? Have I set something wrong in my account?


  • edited October 2016
    Hi Rochelle,

    You might see a higher number of conversions through ad extensions than the total conversions. This might have happened because each callouts shown in an ad registers a conversion however the campaign only receives one conversion from the same click on an ad.

    The reason behind each extension reporting a conversion is because it is possible that each extension shares some information which triggered/influenced a click and a conversion ultimately. So, it sounds like a good idea to ensure that those extensions stay in the ads specific to the device and location which the campaign targets.

    You can analyse the Click type to find out which part of your ad got a click and led to conversion. It is a segmentation which is available in the "segment" menu and can be applied at campaign, ad group, keyword, extension, etc in AdWords. You can also choose to use Click types widget in Optmyzr Reporting to easily find which part of ads is driving clicks and conversions for you.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to leave a question for us to answer below! :)
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