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How do you use automation to manage your PPC accounts?

Share tips on how you use automation to manage your PPC accounts and get a chance to get featured on our blog :)


  • edited November 2016
    My favorite Optmyzr automated tools are Automated Reports and Enhanced scripts.

    Personally, I like to automate repetitive tasks like reports. If I can create a template and schedule the report to be sent every week to my client, without having to worry about updating it with the latest data, I can save around 1 hour per week per client.

    Also, I love Enhanced Scripts because I'm not a pro on coding, so it makes my life much easier to automate notifications and reports without having to worry about reviewing the information in AdWords. I just get the notification on my inbox and prioritize based on it.
  • I think the script library in Enhanced Scripts is excellent for the alerts. However, I think I mostly use scripts that can be found outside of the Enhanced section.

    Alert scripts are my favourite as said. They keep me up to date on strange happenings and mishaps. The bidding scripts unfortunately are often not so useful when working on a smaller market (Finland for example :neutral: ) and when data gathering takes more time it can sometimes be dangerous to give freedom to automated bidding scripts. You always need a little bit of human touch! :wink:
  • I'm in-house PPC manager but I find Optmyzr very helpful. We are a fast growing company and there is a constant need to scale our operations including PPC management. Implementing tools like Optmyzr and Google Script helped us save time and maintain SEM workflows in the most efficient way possible. Here are few tips for PPC account managers:

    1. Consider automating tasks if you are repeating them more than few times

    I have Optmyzr send me automatic reports weekly and monthly. Automated report templates save time because I’m not hunting for same type of information on ad hoc basis. Also AdWords link checker and account anomaly detector are great. They give me a peace of mind and free up my mind so I can work on more important tasks.

    2. Establish workflows and use tools to keep them efficient

    Having themed days help me to establish a daily routine and continuously optimize and grow our account. For example, once a week, I work on Quality Score. Optmyzr’s Quality Score Tracker is the tool I mainly use to point out problem areas quickly. Unlike Excel pivot tables, using tools like this is a great way to keep process simpler and more efficient. I also use Evernote to keep track on QS. I simply take screenshot of Optmyzr and add notes on what I worked on that week.
  • I am loving the ability to do MCC scripts for accounts. I was a little weary of setting this up at first but am loving that I now am able to run quick tests across all campaigns to assess if there are broken links or significant changes in quality scores. I am also loving the reporting which has saved me countless hours compared to what Excel had available. I am looking forward to seeing more of the management metrics being available inside the reports such as the QS details by keywords, ad groups and so forth. I am also ecstatic about the addition of the Facebook Reporting! Thank you so much Optmyzr!!
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