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Tips on using Ad Customizers to improve ad targeting

Ad Customizers can help you modify an ad copy to closely match a user's query without requiring to maintain multiple campaigns. It lets you show relevant ad text to what a user is searching for, user's device, user location etc.

The first variant of the Ad Customizers is a variant of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) which has been around for quite some time. But it was recently upgraded to import any part of text to an ad copy from a spreadsheet maintained in Business data section of AdWords.

The new feature in Ad Customizers uses simple "IF functions" and code to customize the text. I have explained a few applications of these features below:

1. Show ads specific to device - To show a different message to a mobile user you can use {=IF(device=mobile,Hello mobile user):Hello desktop user}. This will show a mobile user "Hello mobile user" and Hello Desktop as default to users on other devices.

2. Show ads specific to audience - It is a good idea to show different ads to first time customers and cart abandoned customers, Ad customizers can effectively help you achieve this.

3. Show ads specific to location - You can customize an ad based on the location in user's query. If you are targeting users in London who are looking to "buy refurbished iPhone", then your ad can say "Get cheapest refurbished iPhones in {LocationName}" to show user "Get cheapest refurbished iPhones in London".

You can find more ideas and details about the tips above to use Ad Customizer on Fred Vallaeys' blog on Ad Customizers. If you have any queries regarding ad customizers, feel free to leave a question below for Fred to answer.
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