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How often should Ads be split tested and how often should we create new ads?

edited February 17 in Optmyzr Tools
Say I want to Optimize for Clicks, what interval should be kept between split testing and creating new ads?


  • Hi Ankit,

    If your ad settings are set to rotate among all the ads, then it is recommended to split test ads every 6-8 weeks if there is not much data in the account. Also, if the account has a lot of data then, you can split test it once every three weeks.

    To create fresh new ads, you can consider creating them every 6 weeks, considering all your ads are being shown in ad rotation setting.

    If your account's ad setting is set to "Optimize for Clicks", then we would recommend you to create ads once every month rather than split testing them. Because of the setting, AdWords after showing the ads created for a certain time period, prefers the ads which get you more traffic and thereby doesn't show the other non-performing ads. In this scenario, to continue testing ads, it is recommended to keep playing with ad copies by regularly creating them.
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