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New Quality Score Tracker - How do you use it?

We recently launched the new Quality Score Tracker with added functionality. You can view the top movers across campaigns, ad groups and keywords and easily find areas of opportunity. Tell us how you use this data insight tool to optimize your account :-)


  • I used it to see the impact of the July 2015 algorithm change Google made for Quality Score. It's very clear that a lot of keywords moved to a QS of 6, even when they were previously at different levels. Here's how I used the Quality Score Tracker to see the date of the change and the impact on my account-level QS:

    And here's how I was able to see that a lot of keywords didn't have enough data in Google's opinion and were moved to a QS 6 as a result:

  • i delete every week keywords with QS6 or less even if they bring me good traffic, that way i manage to preserve a good quality score above 8 and have a healthy account. If a hand starts to rot then you whole body soon will start to rot as well - so its better to have a healthy body without that hand!:) - your dashboard helps me to preserve a "healthy body"! thank you for that
  • Thanks for sharing Patrick! Have you tried just pausing those keywords with a QS of 6 or lower with at least 100 impressions? Our research indicates that a keyword with a QS of 6 with fewer than 100 impressions may still be in the early stages where Google hasn't made up its mind as to the real QS for the keyword.

    Do you use our script to pause low quality score keywords or do you do it some other way? Any ideas how we could make our script more useful to help you with this?
  • I like to use it as dashboard to find the campaigns that could use improvement. With the color scheme (gree, dark green, yellow and red) it makes very easy to quickly identify issues. 

    Then I click on the campaign to figure out the main ad groups who need attention and have the biggest volume. After that it´s just a matter of digging deeper and making changes to improve QS.

  • @"Bruno Giosa" That is great! Are you able to find ad groups to optimize in the Top Movers tab as well?
  • Hello @Geetanjali , I haven't tried that yet. I didn't notice the Top Movers button until you mentioned it. I ll play around with this tool. :)

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