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Negative Keywords

Hi! I would like to know what are some good ways to find negative keywords from the search terms report?


  • I look at the search terms report and filter out search terms by different strategies like those search terms that have a high cost and no conversions or have a low CTR. Another strategy I've started using recently is looking at search terms by the keyword match type. I analyze all search terms for broad match keywords first as that gives the maximum number of results for negatives and then I look at phrase.

    There is always an element of subjectivity involved when selecting negative keywords for an account. This is because you know best what is not relevant to your business. These filtering options helps narrow down the list you have to review.
  • if the keyword is phrase or regular broad, it would also be smart to include google suggest as well as broad related terms from keyword planner.
  • the suggestions i saw were mostly not good ideas for negatives. i suppose there is a need to set filters for clicks / cost, as the most costly search i saw was like $35
  • We're working on a negative keyword tool and here's our first cut at it for anyone who's not afraid of playing with a tool while it's still in early development:
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