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How can I report on different conversion types?

edited June 2016 in Optmyzr Tools
I would like to report on specific conversion types (like leads and sign up) in addition to just reporting the number of conversion and conversion value.


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    You can report on different conversion types using the Conversion Type widget in the reporting tool. You can find the Conversion Types widget under Reporting > Report Template and Designer > Tables > Conversion Types.

    Here's how to achieve exactly what you're asking:
    1. Launch the Conversion Type widget in the Report Template and Designer
    2. In "Choose Columns" select the conversion and conversion value metrics - If you are tracking "sign up" or "lead" or both as conversions, this data will be pulled from AdWords account in real time.
    3. In "Segments" select Conversion type or Conversion category, like you have defined in your AdWords account.
    4. Set filters for Date range, campaigns, network and device.
    5. Preview the widget and save your report template.
  • Can I report different conversion types for different devices, networks and campaigns?
  • edited June 2016
    In the Report Designer, segment charts can be used to report on different conversion types across devices, networks, campaigns and ad groups. You can read more about how to set it up here -
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