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First Page Bridger shows keyword suggestions with high average position

edited August 2016 in Optmyzr Tools
In the First Page Bridger, why does my keyword bid show below first page bid even when my average position is high?


  • We've noticed that sometimes AdWords shows keywords that have a good average position to have a bid that is below the first page bid. This may be because the average position for the date range you're looking at may be high but the keyword dropped below the first page now. The first page bid estimate is more current.

    Another explanation is that the keyword didn't show as much but when it did show, it showed on the first page. The average position is only for when the keyword triggered an ad. Even if it showed only twice but showed in the top spot, the average position will be high.

    In such cases it is important to consider traffic and average position data before increasing bids. The average position data should be considered for a more recent date range.
  • We are working on a new version of the First Page Bridger that will include additional settings that will help you take a more informed decision before changing the bids.
    New metrics like Average Position or Conversions and extra settings to see the suggestions.

    Find more details about the new versions here:
  • Check out Optmyzr's latest free AdWords Script that shows your base max CPC as well as the highest and lowest possible CPC after all bid adjustments are factored in:

    In just one account I tested this with, it helped me find that a brand keyword had a surprisingly high max CPC of $200 after its mobile, geo and time of week modifiers were factored in.

    This can also help explain why the max CPC you see next to a keyword sometimes makes no sense in relation to the first page bid estimate.
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