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Would it be possible to create a script that monitors change history?

I've had clients do silly things, like go into an account and make a change on a whim and not tell me about it. It would be great to have a script that monitors "user x made a change to the account", or "a user not named x or y made a change".

I can imagine other useful scripts that could be based on change history. Is it possible to create a script based on change history?


  • I've been wanting to write a script like this for quite some time but Google doesn't expose the change history data through scripts. How would you feel about a tool where you'd have to upload your change history log from Google periodically and then we'd process it and do useful things like what you're describing here?
  • Does this mean that if I want to investigate an unexpected inverse change, I can put the change history data in the tool and check who made the changes to account and when?
  • Frederick- sorry, I didn't know you had commented. On a side note, can we get an email when someone replies to our posts? :)

    Yes, I think that would be very useful. Then we could just upload the .csv on a weekly basis.
  • Is it possible to do via API at least? Instead of using scripts? Thanks
  • Unfortunately, Google does not give access to change history data through the API or through scripts. Therefore, we've been thinking of building a tool where you can upload a csv periodically and that will convert the data into a useful report.
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