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My account Quality Score has suddenly dropped since last week

I've noticed a significant drop in my AdWords Quality Scores since last week. I haven't made any big changes to the account, any ideas?


  • Google announced a change in Quality Score reporting on Tuesday July 28th. While they said they are only changing how they report the QS of new keywords with no data, we saw big drops in QS through our QS Tracker tool in Optmyzr for many accounts. The drop in Quality Scores was most pronounced between the measurements we took on Sunday July 26th and Monday July 27th.

    We're seeing the number of keywords with QS 6 keywords increase significantly. This is most likely due to keywords that do not have accrued enough impression volume to shift away from the new starting QS of 6.

    Here are a few other things we've noticed:
    • QS remains the same for the same keyword in the same ad group with different match types. This is consistent with Google saying that the reported QS only reflects CTR data collected when the query exactly matches the keyword.
    • When re-adding a keyword that previously had data in the same ad group, its QS will immediately be set based on historical data. It will not revert back to the starting QS of 6.
    • First Page Bid (FPB) estimates are not updated at the same time as QS.
    I'm curious to hear what others are seeing so please share!
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