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Tips on maintaining a healthy account structure

Is alpha beta campaign structure a good way to maintain an AdWords account? Can it improve my account's performance?


  • I like to use the Alpha Beta PPC account structure popularized by David Rodnitzky because it helps me better understand why performance of an account changes.

    If you lump all your match types together, it's VERY hard to know if performance is changing because you're doing a better job managing the account, or because the query mix has changed. Imagine you advertise on the broad match keyword 'flowers' and one day your CPA drops 25%. That could be because Google used to show your ad for the query 'free flowers' which converted horribly and now they no longer show your ad for that query.

    For a single keyword, it's not too bad figuring out what happened but when you have thousands of keywords, it quickly becomes very complicated.

    By putting my known converting keywords into an alpha campaign that only has exact match keywords, when performance changes I know it's not because a change in query mix but because something I changed or a change in the competitive landscape. Now I can use the alpha campaign's performance as a baseline to better understand what's happening with my beta campaign where I keep all the other match types.
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    Can Optmyzr support building Alpha Beta campaign structure?
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    Optmyzr's One Click Optimization - the new version of the Keyword Lasso supports the SKAG structure very well. You can read more about how it works here:

    For the Alpha Beta structure, you can duplicate the search term, change the match type and then upload them to different ad groups. If the Alpha and Beta ad groups exist in the campaign, you can select it or, choose to create a new one from the 'Target ad group' option.
  • How can I check if I have the right balance between different match types in my account?
  • Maintaining the right balance can vary depending on how you wish to target your customer taking into consideration the budget that you are willing to spend for your goal. You can read this detailed article on matchtypes here - This article explains when and how to use different match types.

    To check the balance of different match types in your account, you can schedule Enhanced Script - Account Performance by keyword match type to find accounts that are not using a good mix of keyword match types. For example, if all keywords are broad match, the account could probably benefit from the addition of additional match types. You can setup this enhanced script in your Optmyzr account by referring to this detailed help article -
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