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Report AdWords and Bing account performance together in Optmyzr.

Is it possible to report AdWords and Bing account performance together using the Report templates and Designer in Optmyzr?


  • The Multi-Account Reporting in Optmyzr lets you include data from multiple AdWords, Analytics and Bing accounts in the same report. You can also aggregate data across accounts using the specialized multi-account reporting widgets.

    Steps to select multiple accounts together:
    1. Launch the Multi - Account Reporting: Select an account > Select "Reporting" > Click and launch the "Multi-account Reporting"
    2. Name and create your new Multi-account Report
    3. In the "Report Template and Designer" - Select the Account picker amongst the widget. You can add as many as you may want.
    4. In the Account picker - select account and the campaign in the account which you would want to report on.
    5. Read a detailed article on the Multi-account Reporting here:
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    Do you guys also support other channels such as Facebook?
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    Hi! You can add data from Facebook or Twitter to Optmyzr by integrating them to Google Analytics. Once you integrate them, you can link your Google Analytics account to Optmyzr and use the Analytics custom filters ( to display the data in Reporting.
  • Are you guys going to support reporting on Facebook extensively like AdWords and Bing?
  • edited September 2016
    @"Ankit Jain" Yes, we are soon going to come out with reporting for Facebook. We will announce it on the community when it is available.
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