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Report on Facebook and other social media channels using Optmyzr Reporting tools.

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I want my report on Facebook account and other social channels in addition to reporting on Bing Ads and AdWords account performance. Is there someway to do that in Optmyzr?


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    Yes, you can include data from social channels in Optmyzr's Reporting tool. This data can be included through Google Analytics widgets in the Report Template and Designer.

    For example: You want to include Facebook data, you can follow the steps below in the Google Analytics widget:
    1. "Enable Custom Filters" in the widget
    2. Specify the filter, for example: If your source is Facebook and the medium should be CPC then it will be written as - ga:source==facebook;ga:medium==cpc
    3. You can select your data range, campaign and also view a percentage change in the account performance.

    Is there any other feature that you would like to have in reporting?
  • This works great - I hadn't thought if using the GA widgets to import social data :-). Can we have phone calls reported at an account level!? For most clients it is a vital KPI and you have to include a campaign summary to get the data where it would be great to have it as an account total, especially for clients who have many campaigns and just want an account overview each week.
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    Hi Lester, If you're feeding data from your call tracking software into Google Analytics, Optmyzr can access the information through Analytics, and you can report that data.

    You can use the custom filters in Google Analytics Widgets to display the data for the call tracking software. You can read in detail about the custom filters here -
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