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How do I show Google Analytics data for specific AdWords campaigns in reports?

I want to show Google Analytics data for specific AdWords campaigns. Is it possible to do it in the report designer?


  • edited August 2015
    You can use Custom Filters in the Google Analytics reporting widgets to filter your data so that you will only get AdWords data. The syntax that will work for this is this is as follows:

    ga:sourceMedium==google / cpc

    I was a little worried about the spaces and the slash in the filter but those work just fine so give this a try!

    If you just want to see some of your campaigns rather than all AdWords data, the syntax for the filter is like this:

    ga:campaign==name of my campaign

    If you want to include multiple campaigns, that's possible too using the OR statement in custom filters. Here's the syntax for that:

    ga:campaign==first campaign,ga:campaign==second campaign,ga:campaign==third campaign

    Hope that helps! If you want to learn more Read about how custom filters work in Optmyzr here.
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