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How to improve Quality Score components?

Among Expected Click through Rate (CTR), Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience – how do I know which one is more relevant to fixing Quality Score for an Account?


  • Hi! It depends on how the Quality score data in Optmyzr looks like. For ex: If an ad group with low quality score has too many keywords with low quality score, then it would impact the ad relevance.
    In this case, to improve quality score you would need to remove the low quality score keywords to improve the ad relevance.
    You can also consider adding new keywords based on search terms report for this ad group as well. You can use Keyword Lasso to get this done quickly.
    This has helped me to improve quality score as well, as better keywords lead to apt impressions leading to a better quality score.
  • You can also check out this user story on how they use Landing Page Analysis to improve the quality score -
  • Thanks! Will check it out @"Madhurima Gupta"
  • Hi! Will you guys be incorporating the "null" changes to the new or under-performing keywords which Google recently announced? It seems to be coming to effect from Google this month.
  • Hi @"Julia Jackman", Yes, we will be incorporating these changes to the tools. Both the Quality Score Scripts (Pause when Quality Score too low and Account Quality Score report) have been updated to handle the change. :smile:
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