PPC Data Insights

Optmyzr interprets millions of rows of PPC data to give advertisers insights that lead to action.

Access unique data not available in AdWords like Quality Score

Beautiful visualizations for complex big data sets

Get notified about potential issues before they escalate. 

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Get Data Not Available In AdWords

Save historical Quality Score and find out what your account Quality Score is.

Quality Score Tracker

Get access to historical Quality Score data. Analyze how Quality Score (QS) has evolved at the account, campaign, ad group and keyword level. Compare QS trends to average cost-per-click and maximum cost-per-click.

  • Account Quality Score

    View and analyze weighted QS data at the account level.

  • Improve Quality Score

    Optimize low QS ad groups that will have the highest impact on performance.

  • Monitor Quality Score

    Use the top movers section to find campaigns, ad groups and keywords that had the highest drop or increase in QS.

Big Data Visualizations For PPC

Better understand account performance by going deeper in the data.

See your PPC data in an entirely new light when it's visualized in word clouds, cause trees, heat maps, or map overlays. Optmyzr's data visualizations will help you gain new insights in a fraction of the time it took when analyzing data in tables manually.

  • Turning Data Tables Into Easy to Understand Visualizations

    Data that exists in tables in AdWords comes to life when you visualize it in a unique way. Visualizations like the geo heatmap and search terms word cloud are specifically tailored to gaining new insights.

  • Insights as Granular Or High Level As You Want

    Visualizations work at any level of the account, down to the keyword level. Optmyzr is integrated with AdWords labels to make selecting campaigns fast. Use any date range you need. 

Chris Moore

Simplify Large Amounts of Data

“Optmyzr has been a great tool for simplifying large amounts of data to maximize our ROI. I fully recommend Optmyzr to anyone!”

PPC Visualizations

Multiple visualization formats ranging from heatmaps to charts. Get actionable insights for advanced optimizations within seconds.

  • Heatmaps

    See the best and worst performing geographic regions on an interactive map. Find the best hours of the week and use One-Click Optimizations™ to adjust your bids accordingly.

  • Word Clouds

    Easily identify the search terms that drive the highest cost, the most conversions, or any other PPC metric.

  • Cause Trees

    See how different PPC metrics influence other elements of an account. Quickly visualize the root cause of a change in performance.

Add Big Data Insights to Reports

Share insights more easily with stakeholders, clients, and managers.

Keep your stakeholders informed about what's happening in their PPC accounts with automated template-based reports and dashboards. Customize the data any way you need, from multiple accounts to individual campaigns; multiple date ranges; custom metrics; white-labeling; and much more.

AdWords Data Insight Tips

PPC is an effective advertising medium because it let's you analyze each click, impression and interaction with your ad. You can set bid adjustments for multiple segments like geography, time and demographic. Analyzing this data is time consuming and in some cases impossible.

With AdWords introducing more ad formats and targeting options, setting bid adjustments at different levels and data analysis is going to become even more complex.

Optmyzr's data visualization tools analyze millions of rows of data and convert them into easy-to-understand visualizations. As account managers, you can use these insights to perform advanced optimizations on your PPC accounts.

Optmyzr Knows AdWords Insights

At Optmyzr we combine our expertise in PPC with technology to bring you some of the best data analysis tools on the market. Tools like the Geo HeatMap give insights that help you do advanced optimizations and stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Use the heatmap visualization in the hour of the week tool to set dayparting bid adjustments for the whole week.

  • Make budget allocation decisions  based on ROAS for different geographies.

  • Find new ad group themes or negative keyword suggestions from the search word cloud visualization.

  • The report engine fully supports shopping campaigns from Bing Ads and AdWords.