Rule Engine - FAQs

The Rule Engine lets you create custom optimizations that can make bulk changes to your AdWords account. These can be strategies that can help you bid to a target CPA or, give you a list of keywords and ad groups that are more expensive than their peers. It is possible to run the rules in Optmyzr real time, preview them and also instantly apply them through Optmyzr.

How should I use ROAS in the Rule Engine?

When selecting ROAS as a metric, the system considers it as a Constant Value (not as a percentage). 

E.g. If cost is $100 and total conversion value is $500, Adwords would report Conv Value / Cost to be 5. This is multiplied by 100 to get the ROAS which in this case will be 500%.

How do I duplicate group of rules between AdWords accounts in Rule Engine? 

To copy recipes/rule groups across accounts, please follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right of the recipe and click on the option to 'Copy recipes to clipboard'. 

2. In the next window, choose the group rules which you want to copy to clipboard. You can select multiple rules here. 

3. Go to the account you want to copy the selected rules and click on the hamburger menu in this account. 

4. Click on the option to "Paste recipe from Clipboard" to copy recipes to the account. 

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