Display Placements Exclusion - User Guide

This optimization allows you to pause low-performing placements on the Google Display Network that are resulting in wasted spend.

Why should you use it?

With the Display Placements Exclusion optimization, you can find placements that are resulting in wasted spend and exclude them based on a business goal – Branding, Traffic or Conversions. You can also aggregate data for the same domain across campaigns.

How does it work?

The optimization excludes placements based on your campaign business goal. Each goal has different analyzed metrics:

  • Branding: cost/impressions
  • Conversions: cost/conversions
  • Traffic: cost/click

The suggestions shown are based on the selected metrics median. e.g., if your campaign goal is Conversions, all the placements that are above the Cost per Conversion median will be on the list. The period used to suggest recommendations for the Display Placement Exclusion optimization is based on the last 30 days of data, but it can be changed.

Where to access this optimization?

This optimization can be accessed under One-Click Optimizations -> For Display Campaigns.

Go to the optimization page here.

Setting the parameters

  1. Depending on the goals you set for your campaigns, are the metrics that the system is going to analyzed. The goal you choose will take into consideration the parameters for each of the placements on which your ad appears. For example, Cost per Conversion in case the goal in your campaign are Conversions
    - Traffic Median (Cost/Click): will show placements with Cost/Click significantly higher than the Median
    - Branding Media (Avg CPM): will show placements with Cost/Impression considerably higher than the Median
    - Conversions Median (Cost/Conversion): will show placements with Cost/Conversion significantly higher than the Median
  2. If you want to get more suggestions, you can choose any of the levels available:
    - Conservative: gives more time before suggesting the placements that are not performing well
    - Aggressive: gives less time before suggesting the placements that are not performing well
  3. The proposed placements will be compared according to the median of the selected metrics:

Understanding the results

  1. The results will be shown by placements, breaking down the ones that have spent significantly more than the median (as shown in the example)
  2. The results are also broken down by each of the individual campaigns that the placement has appeared for, allowing you to make the decision, taking in consideration the individual campaigns too.

Once you selected the campaigns you want to exclude, you will be able to pause them

You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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