Geo HeatMap - FAQ

The Geo HeatMap offers a great visualization of the traffic your AdWords campaigns drive to your website. It also gives you a breakdown of how different cities, regions and countries are performing in the form of a map and table.

What level of data can I see in the Geo HeatMap?

You can choose between City, Region, and Country level from the drop-down box and get data for Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Cost, CTR, Avg CPC, Conv Rate, ROAS, Avg Position, and Conv Value. You can also ‘Hide Unspecified Locations’ by selecting the box.

Why there is an asterisk in the bubble?

If you see an asterisk in the bubble (bubble mode), it means the data is coming from an unspecified location.
If you click on the bubble, you'll see the location details in the window. Also, you can choose to hide the unspecified location in the tool. 

What are unspecified locations?

Unspecified locations are regions that Google is unable to identify accurately, and traffic from those areas is not attributed to a particular location. 

Can I see data for paused campaigns? 

Yes, you can choose to see data for paused campaigns by selecting that option on the left-hand side of the page.

Can I see data at the zip code level?

Currently, the lowest level for which data is available is the city level. The Geo HeatMap doesn't show Zip Code level data. If this is a feature you need, let us know on

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