Hour of Week Bid Adjustment - User Guide

The Hour of the Week Bid Modifier optimization lets you set time-based bid adjustments. You can choose to bid higher or lower during different times of the week based on performance. Unlike AdWords where you have to create time slots first, and then set bid adjustments one by one, this one-click optimization™ lets you set bid adjustments by dragging bars in the chart. You can also create custom time slots to analyze performance and create ad schedules.

How does it work?

By default, it divides the day into four-hour slots and lets you make bid adjustments based on performance for the whole week. You can view aggregated data and set bid adjustments across multiple campaigns at the same time. It is also possible to create your own time slots and ad schedules.

Select the scope

From the tree view on the left, select the campaigns you want to set bid adjustments for. The tool groups campaigns with same ad schedules together. 

You can also select the date range for which you want to view the data. A longer date range will have a clearer trend.

  1. Set the date range for which you want to view the data.
  2. Select the metrics that you want to use to set bid adjustments.

  3. See existing day parts (ad schedules) and bid adjustments on the chart and drag the bars to set new bid adjustments. Hovering over a bar on the chart will highlight the same time slot on the performance chart above. This will make sure that you're looking at the right data when setting adjustments. If you've selected multiple campaigns (across day parting groups), existing day parts and bid adjustments will not show, and everything will show at 0%. Note: If campaigns across more than one day parting group are selected and changes are applied, the bid adjustments and day parts both will be overwritten with what you have set in the chart.  
  4. You can either apply bid modifications manually by dragging the bars. Or, you can use the 'Imitate a Metric' option. To customize time slots, click on the 'Edit Time Slots' button.

  5. After setting bid adjustments, click 'Apply Changes' to upload the changes to AdWords.

Advanced Settings

This optimization has a set of advanced settings that can be adjusted for more in-depth analysis. These are:

  • Edit Time Slots
  • Imitate a Metric
  • Weekly Performance HeatMap

You can read more about how to use these advanced settings here.

Tips and recommendations

Use statistically significant data

Bid adjustments can have a direct impact on how much your ad shows and at which position it shows. We strongly recommend making decisions only if there is enough data. For example, if a campaign has received five conversions then conversion rate is not a good metric to base your bid adjustments on. The downside of making a decision with very little data is that you may end up bidding lower during time slots that don't have enough data, and the campaign will never get a chance to perform during that time. 

Select a longer date range

Selecting a longer date range increases the amount of data, and that helps establish stronger trends. Always opt for a number of weeks or, if you're using the custom date range, make sure you have entire weeks. This will make sure that you're looking at an equal number of days (Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.).

Complementary metrics

Compare metrics that have a clear relationship. For example, conversion rate and impression share are two good metrics to look at. Find time slots where the conversion rate is high and impression share is low. Bid higher at these times because the probability of converting more is higher. 

Similarly, find time slots where the conversion rate is low and impression share is high, and bid lower at this time. This is because the traffic coming in at this time is not of very good quality, but your impression share is high because your competitors are not bidding at that time.

You can check some frequently asked questions here. You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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