Keyword Lasso - FAQ

What is the bid for the new keywords added with the Keyword Lasso?

The search terms that get added as new keywords take the bid of the keyword they matched to (the keyword that triggered the search term). This is because if they default to the ad group bid, the traffic may reduce significantly and they will not get even as much traffic as they used to as search terms.

Do I need to check if the search terms are already there in my account?

The Keyword Lasso automatically checks if a search term is already there in your AdWords account and doesn't recommend adding it. This is to prevent you from adding duplicate keywords. You can choose to add all the suggested search terms or choose a few and implement just those.

How are the ads for the new ad groups (SKAG) selected?

The new ad groups take all the text ads from the ad group in which the keyword that matched to the search terms is therein. If search terms from across different ad groups are combined into the same new ad group, the ads from the ad group with the highest CTR are copied.

The reason we chose this methodology was so you could create ad groups with good ads very quickly and easily.

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