Quality Score Tracker - FAQs

The Quality Score Tracker calculates, tracks and stores the Quality Score (QS) on a daily basis at account, campaign, ad group, and keyword level.

What is the Account, Ad Group, and Campaign Level Quality Score?

In your AdWords account you can see Quality Score at the keyword level. It becomes difficult to scrutinize each and every keyword and decide which part of the account needs to be optimized first.

This is where the campaign and ad group level Quality Score you see in the Optmyzr's Quality Score Tracker comes into play. It is a weighted Quality Score that is calculated based on individual keyword Quality Scores and the number of impressions the keywords in the ad group and campaign received. It is a good indicator of the collective health of keywords and gives an idea of which campaigns/ad groups need to be optimized on a priority. Account level Quality Score gives an idea of the general health of your account and is calculated in a similar manner.

What does "Ad Groups to be Optimized" mean?

Optmyzr recommends Ad Groups which have a Quality Score of less than 6 and are accruing a relatively high cost (>0) to be optimized. In the table, the ad groups are arranged in descending order of cost.

Can I save the Campaign Level Quality Score for future reference?

Yes, you can download the campaign level Quality Score as CSV file. Or, you can just view it in the Quality Score Tracker.

What does Impressions by Quality Score mean?

Impressions by Quality Score graph shows the impressions of keywords for each Quality Score from the first day in the date range from which Optmyzr started tracking Quality Score.

Should the total QS of a keyword not be the average of the three Quality Score factors?

The overall account Quality Score is not a straight average of the three QS components - Expected Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience. The exact weight of each component is unknown, but Brad Geddes wrote an article that estimates the exact weights. While the formula is not 100% accurate, the formula gives a very good approximation. Also, each of the QS components is an indication of which element needs to be optimized to improve QS.

How the Quality Score components are calculated

The Quality Score at the keyword level is retrieved directly from your AdWords account. The QS at other levels (account, campaign, and ad group) are calculated by Optmyzr using a weighted average based on the number of impressions from Google Search on all devices.

Quality Scores for the 3 sub-components don't get a numerical value in Google so we've assigned one to make it possible to calculate the scores at the ad group, campaign, and account level. Here is how we translate Google's score for a Quality Score sub-component like Landing Page Quality, Expected CTR and Ad Relevance to a numerical value:

  • Below average = 2
  • Average = 6
  • Above average = 10

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