Legacy Version: Set Budgets to Meet Target Budget

This script automatically adjusts budgets for campaigns to meet a target budget. The script can be run for all campaigns in the account or specific campaigns.

How does it work?

Choose the account you want to run the script in and go to the All Enhanced Scripts page. On this page select the Set Budgets to Meet Target Budget script. 

You can either create a new setting 'Create new setting' or 'Copy setting from an existing account'. To create a new setting, follow the steps below:

Basic Settings

  1. Setting Name:
    Enter the name you want to give the setting. The same script can have multiple settings for the same account. You can choose to pause and enable settings as you wish. For example, in one setting you can opt to adjust budgets for brand campaigns and in another setting, you can choose to adjust budgets for competitor campaigns.
  2. Campaign Label Is:
    To run the script for campaigns with a particular label, enter a label name in this setting. If you want to run it for all campaigns in the account, leave this field blank. Also, if you want to execute the script for one campaign you can mention the name in the field below (Campaign Name Is).
  3. Budget Amount:
    Enter the budget the campaign should meet. This budget applies to each campaign that is being checked individually. For example, if you set the budget to $1000, and the script runs at the account level, it will check to see if each campaign has met the $1000 budget.
  4. Budget Period:
    In this setting, you can specify the time period for which the above budget is valid. This option is currently set to 'Monthly'.
  5. Change Budget:
    If you want the script to increase or reduce budgets to meet the target, select this option. Unselecting this will only generate a report and not make changes to the campaigns.

  6. New Budget When Target Has Been Exceeded:
    This setting tells the script what to do if it finds a campaign has surpassed the budget. Selecting 'No Change' means that the campaign budget will remain unchanged. Selecting '1' will change the budget of the script to 1 so, it doesn't spend any more money.
  7. How To Distribute Budgets:
    This setting lets you specify the method you want to use to reallocate budgets. We recommend using the 'Based on Day of Week Potential' setting as this looks at historical data for each day to change budgets. 
  8. Email Addresses To Notify:
    You can enter the emails addresses that should receive a notification after the script runs.

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