Shopping Campaign Builder - FAQ

The Shopping Campaign Builder lets you create campaigns with multiple levels of product partitions with a single click. You can create hundreds of ad groups with thousands of product groups in a few minutes in active campaigns of your account. 

How does the Shopping Campaign Builder modify existing campaigns?

The Shopping Campaign Builder creates a new ad group in an existing campaign of your choice. The product group structure you choose is implemented in this new ad group. The tool doesn't make any change to the current product groups in the campaign. 

If you want to change bids for existing product groups, you can use the Shopping Bidder.

How can I create new ad groups without overriding the current campaign structure?

To use the Shopping Builder to create new ad groups without overwriting the existing ones, you will need to use the same split and prefix for the ad groups name. This will ensure if an ad group with the same name already exists, the system will not overwrite it. 

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