Shopping Refresher Pro - User Guide

Keep AdWords shopping campaigns in sync with your feed

What is the Shopping Refresher Pro?

This is the Pro version of the Shopping Refresher optimization. It helps keep AdWords shopping campaigns in sync with the merchant feed. Unlike the Regular version,  it can run on all ad groups in the campaign together which makes it much more efficient to use when you have many ad groups.

How does it work?

  • The system detects the structure or format in which ad groups and product groups were created. 
  • Based on this, it finds all the new products that are in the feed, but don't have product groups in the campaign. 
  • It recommends creating new product groups or ad groups that are not part of the campaign based on the existing campaign structure.
  • It also finds product groups that are no longer present in the feed and suggests removing them. These suggestions can be applied with a single click directly to AdWords.
  • If the system can't find a well defined consistent structure in the Shopping Campaign, it won't be able to recommend how the new products should be split out into product groups.

The Shopping Refresher Pro only recommends product groups when the associated 'Everything Else' group is included. If it is excluded, the tool will ignore new products that were added to the feed under that split because the assumption is that anything that falls into 'Everything Else' should not show ads.

How to use it?

You can access the Shopping Refresher Pro optimization here.

Before you start using the optimization, we recommend resyncing your shopping feed in Optmyzr on the 'Manage Merchant Feeds' page. This will allow Optmyzr to get the latest state of the feed to compare against the shopping campaign.

After re-syncing your feed, select a shopping campaign from the campaign tree on the left. This will run the refresher on all active ad groups in the campaign and show results.

1. Re-sync shopping feed 

2. Select shopping campaign

3. Review product groups to be added (Additions) and removed (Removals)

4. New ad groups to be created are highlighted in green* and existing ad groups that have to be updated are shown in Blue.

5. Click on the ad group to view the recommended changes and select the changes to be made. When you click on the ad group in the list of suggestions, you will be able to view the recommended changes to remove and add to campaigns. Snapshot below:

Here you can select the changes you want to make. Any change in Red colour signify deletion and in green signify addition to the Shopping Campaign. Point to note: Product groups to be removed are not automatically selected and you need to click on the ad group, review the suggestions and select them. If the whole ad group is selected in the suggestions list, all the proposed changes in the ad group will go through.

6. After selecting the ad groups you want to refresh, the 'Upload to AdWords' button will appear on the top right of the page. To apply changes, click on the 'Upload to AdWords' button, confirm and the changes will be applied to AdWords in real time.

You can read about troubleshooting questions here.

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