Enterprise plan features

Besides allowing you to have unlimited use of all the Pro Tools in Optmyzr, the Enterprise plan has exclusive access to some features that will help you have greater control of your account, including the access your team members have to Optmyzr:

User Access Level 

This option allows you to restrict the access your users have to accounts linked to Optmyzr. The restriction replicates AdWords levels

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Custom Domains for Reports

With the custom domain, you can choose how you want your clients to see the report links you are sending them. 

If the generic domain access is "reports-access.com", with the Enterprise plan you can include your name/agency name in the link, allowing you to white-label not only the report but also the link you are using. 


Our customer support is great, but our Enterprise support is astonishing! You get an account manager to help you 24/7 with anything that you might need. 

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