Pro Plan - Unique Features

There are some unique features available exclusively in the Pro plan that will make managing and optimize your accounts much easier!

Rule Engine

The Rule Engine lets you create custom rules to make bulk changes to your AdWords account. At the moment, it supports changing bids at the keyword, product group and ad group level based on performance metrics. It is possible to run the rules in Optmyzr real time, preview them and also instantly apply them through Optmyzr. Watch a demo video of how the Bid Rule Engine works. 

Shopping Pro Features

Shopping Campaign Builder Pro

You can restructure your existing shopping campaign structure by overwriting its existing split by using the Pro feature of this tool. Eg: If an existing campaign is split by Brand>Product Type 0>Item Id, with an ad group for each brand. You can restructure this campaign by selecting another split: Brand>Product Type 0>Product Type 1>Category 0>Item Id with an ad group for each brand. While you'll make this structural change in the campaign, all the performance data for all the products will be preserved. 

Shopping Attribute Bidder

This new optimization for shopping campaigns lets you aggregate and combine data across product groups based on attributes. Read More. You can:
1. Choose from attributes available in the feed like color, size, gender, group id and more
2. Aggregate data across the campaign irrespective of the structure
3. Change bids at scale based on aggregate data

Shopping Refresher Pro

This upgraded version of Shopping Refresher makes it easier to keep your shopping campaigns in sync with your feed.
1. It refreshes all ad groups in the shopping campaign together
2. It creates new product groups and ad groups for items added to the feed based on the campaign structure. Read more about it here. 

Create GRIP Structure

This tool lets you convert existing shopping campaigns into the GRIP (Group of Individual Products) structure without losing historical performance data. You can learn more about it in this article. This is currently available in Beta in the Pro plan.

Multi-Account Reporting

The Multi-Account reporting tool lets you include data from multiple AdWords, Analytics, Facebook and Bing accounts in the same report. It also lets you aggregate data across accounts using the specialized multi-account reporting widgets. Read more about the Multi-Account report here.

Facebook in Reporting

Facebook is currently supported only in Reporting and is available in the Multi-Account Report. You can read more about it here.

Pro Dashboard

The Pro version of the MCC Dashboard includes the following additional features:

  • Access to additional performance data from Google Analytics, budgets and more. 
  • Filter data by devices and networks and also add additional data points like Monthly Budget.
    Read more about the features available in the Pro Dashboard.

Advanced Reporting Features

The Pro plan gives you access to advanced reporting features that will make your reporting tasks easier

  • Add Comments To Reports: Option to add unique one-time observations to a report before sharing with stakeholders. Screenshot below.
  • Calculated Metrics: Add custom parameters as columns in all the Table widgets in the reports. 
  • Share Report As a Link: Schedule or instantly share reports as a link with stakeholders. You can use them to create custom dashboards.

Read more about these advanced reporting features.

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