Account Dashboard - User Guide

Account Dashboard provides quick takeaways at account, campaign and ad group level. This helps in easy identification of optimization opportunities. You can also view the overall account, campaign, ad group level performance and segment it by network and device. You can also analyze performance by labels. You can view these quick tips on how to use Account Dashboard.

How should you use it? 

Select a View

Switch between Sales, Lead and Traffic view to analyze performance. The one-click switch between these modes lets you compare the performance of the right metrics. 

For example, to analyze leads, the system will automatically show the conversions and cost per conversion at the top. However, if you are interested to know the traffic on an account, the cards will be focussed on impressions, clicks, and cost.

You can always view other metrics and compare its historical performance over the selected date range using the graph. You can quickly find out if the account started to perform better or worse.

Define settings

To analyze account/campaign performance. You can define the following variables before "updating" data:

  1. Segregate data by campaigns, labels, and ad groups
  2. Select a date range to view performance trends
  3. Segment data by network and devices

Top Elements Analysis

  1. Quickly locate the top performing campaigns, ad groups, and keywords
  2. Identify the most costly components to reduce unwanted spend
  3. Identify the areas bringing in the maximum conversions
  4. While analyzing Top Keywords, access the ads and search terms linked to it. 

Optmyzr Express

Find your to-do list for each account under Optmyzr Express. This tool allows you to breeze through multiple optimization tasks in minutes. Read more about the tool here

Quick Insights

Quick Insights gives you important information about the performance of your account keywords. The Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down option in the Quick Insights will allow the system to record your preferences. That way, over time, the system will learn and determine what kind of suggestions you like and which ones you don't like. 

Segment Performance

This is one of the most used features of the Account Dashboard. This option lets you instantly compare metrics performance across networks and devices. You can quickly find out if Costs and Conversions are in sync with each other on the networks and devices. 

For example, if you are getting 70% of your conversions on Mobile when 70% of your cost spent on Computers, you can quickly identify and correct what might be causing the disbalance. In such a situation, you can decrease your bids on Computers and increase them for Mobiles. 

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