Tips for using the Performance Comparison Tool

This tool lets you compare almost any combination of campaigns, ad groups, labels, networks and segments in your AdWords account. It can be used to isolate problem areas in the AdWords account by drilling down to the ad group level for each device and network.

Quick tips on how to use it to find areas that need to be optimized:

  1. Start by comparing the search and display network with each other. Select 'Google Search and Search Partners' in Selection 1 and 'Display Network' in Selection 2. Click compare. Search Partners and YouTube data comparison is not available for analyzing Bing accounts.
  2. If one network has a very high cost/conversion (CPA) compared to the other, drill deeper to see what is causing the problem. For example, the cost/conversion on the display network is higher than search. Drill down deeper and see which device is causing the problem.
  3. Compare the performance of mobile on display with desktops on display.

You can change the settings shown in the screenshot, to do an in-depth analysis of the performance of various campaigns and ad groups on different networks and devices.

Demo Video

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