Top Elements Widgets

How to use Top Elements Widgets?

1. Launch Report Designer
From your account dashboard, select 'Reporting' to launch Report Designer. Click on 'Top Elements' section to view the different widgets which let you report on top items and click on them to add them to the report.

2. Common settings in table widgets

  • Choose to sort by impressions, clicks, cost, conversions etc.
  • Specify the number of rows to display 
  • Select the metric columns to show in the table
  • Select the level at which you want to report (account/campaigns)
  • Choose the date range from the selected date range and account picker in the selector widgets

3. Preview widget and save report

*Widget not compatible with Bing Reporting.

List top n things

Top Keywords and Top Placements* Widgets
These widget list top performing keywords/placements which can be sorted by clicks, cost, impressions, conversions etc. 


Top Search Terms*
This widget lists the top search terms that triggered ads in the account. It can help identify high performing search terms that can be added as keywords to the account to drive more traffic. The search terms can be sorted by traffic, cost or conversions. You can also aggregate data to show if there are small accounts.


Top Ads - Text, Image and Video
These widgets list top performing text, image, call only ads and video ads respectively. The top image and video ads widgets also show an image of the ad in the report. The Top Videos Table also lets you report on quartile to show how much (percentage) of your video ad customers actually see (25, 50, 75, 100). 


Top Campaigns and Top Ad Groups
These tables let you report on the performance of top campaigns/ad groups in an account. The data can be sorted by traffic, cost or conversions for the selected date range. 


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