Enhanced Script: Performance By Keyword and Query Type


The purpose of this script is to provide insight into the key performance metrics for

  • different keyword match types (exact, phrase, exact)
  • keywords of differing word lengths (1-word, 2-words, ..., 10-words)
  • query match types (broad, broad (session-based), exact, exact (close variant), phrase, phrase (close variant))
  • query lengths (1-word, 2-words, ..., 10-words)

The script produces a Google spreadsheet with aggregated metrics for each of the keyword and query types.

This script can be enabled from the Enhanced Scripts™ section of your Optmyzr account.

  • Enrique del valle

    I have this error

    err line number 47
    JavaException: Error in Evaled Script: Argument cannot be null: sheet (line 84)

    • optmyzr.com

      Hi Enrique, Some of our scripts assume that the first sheet in the Spreadsheet is named 'Sheet1' (without the quotes). Could you make sure that the first sheet in the spreadsheet is named accordingly and try once more. In case you still face an issue, let us know.

      • Enrique del valle

        I try with Sheel1 name but still same error.

        But this script is selected with NEW option by default like others.

        err line number 30
        JavaException: Error in Evaled Script: Invalid argument: url (line 84)

        • optmyzr.com

          Hi Enrique, We recently converted this script to an Enhanced Script. I'd recommend trying that out. Let us know if you get an error in the Enhanced Script version.

  • Enrique del valle

    I have this error in Enhanced Script

  • Enrique del valle

    Now work fine thanks.

  • http://www.netpozisyon.com Bulent Guneyli

    Does the "Type" column (column A) in the "Keywords" and "Queries" tabs refer to keyword length?

    • optmyzr.com

      Yes, exactly!

  • Cristiano Pires combr Adwords