Enhanced Script™: Anomaly Detector


This AdWords Enhanced Script™ is an adaptation of Google's Anomaly Detection script. We have adapted it to work in an MCC account, aggregate all settings and outputs in a single Google Sheet and adding a color coded dashboard to complement email notifications.

Install the Enhanced Script™

Settings and Customizations

  • Change the number of weeks used for the running average against which current performance is compared.
  • Change the sensitivity for when an alert should be sent
  • Add a Cyfe.com dashboard endpoint to send data to your dashboard

Get This Script

You can run this script from the Enhanced Scripts™ section in your Optmyzr account.

  • cedric

    i tried to use this script and followed the instructions, but when i preview the script (authorized) i get the error :

    ReferenceError: "MccApp" is not defined. (line 35)

  • cedric

    Finally the error changed, i think i forget something to correctly use the script....

    TypeError: Cannot call method "getDataRange" of null. (line 56) ... :(

    • optmyzr.com

      The error is being caused as the sheet tab name isn't matching with the name given to TAB_WITH_TASKS. I've also followed up on email with further details regarding the issue.

  • Borja

    Hello, the preview give the following error:
    Document 1n6ucs7T_RCQV8DTxaanb1hUHbwzGyIuzTuJXsqPSiMs is missing (perhaps it was deleted?) (line 52)

    thanks in advance for your help