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Enterprise-grade search marketing tools, scripts, and workflows without the hefty price tag.

Optmyzr Insight, Reports and Optimizations for AdWords and Bing Ads

Build campaigns and maintain them based on inventory. Set goals to get alerts and suggestions.


Instantly optimize with suggestions based on the latest machine learning algorithms. 


Share your wins with automated reports. Fully customizable. Include data from multiple ad platforms.

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Over 50 PPC management techniques are made easier by Optmyzr.


  • Manage bids and bid adjustments

  • Forecast and automate budgets

  • Find negative and positive keywords

  • Run A/B ad tests

  • Build, maintain, and optimize Shopping Ads

  • Check for broken URLs

Data Insights

  • Multi-account dashboards with alerts

  • Budget pacing and forecasts

  • Alerts and anomaly detection

  • N-gram analysis

  • Root cause change analysis

  • Track and fix Quality Score

Report Engine

  • Custom colors, footers, cover pages

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Multi-account reports

  • Include data from AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Spreadsheets

  • Integrated with Google Data Studio and Amazon Alexa

Advanced Features

  • Prewritten AdWords Scripts (even for MCC accounts)

  • Flexible Rule Engine (if this, then that for PPC)

  • Build popular account structures (like GRIP and SKAG)

  • Integrate Optmyzr in your business with the API

Workflows for PPC Pros

  • Get all your optimizations for multiple accounts done in minutes with Optmyzr Express

  • Build completely custom workflows with your favorite optimizations in Account Workouts

  • Know what was changed by who with full Optimization History

Team Features

  • Build strategies and share them with your team so your accounts are managed consistently well

  • Auditing (Enterprise)

  • Team activity dashboard





Loved worldwide

Optmyzr's machine-learning works for accounts in any language and reports are available in all languages.

In The WOrds Of Our Customers

“We have a 40+ SEM team and Optmyzr has proven itself one of our biggest assets in scaling up our productivity and drastically improving our overall performance. The pricing is pretty fair and we recommend it as a worthy substitute to more expensive solutions.”

- Bruno Ferrante, i-Cherry, a WPP group company
Big brands trust Optmyzr but we have many smaller customers too. Our affordable pricing means any company can get started with Optmyzr.
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