Meet Our Team

The folks behind Optmyzr have been doing PPC since 1998, helped create AdWords, and are still passionate about making PPC life easier for marketers.


Optmyzr team members around the world


Optmyzr offices across 4 different continents


Years creating technology, teachings, and trust


Billion dollars in managed ad spend

Meet Our Founders

Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys


Fred was one of the first 500 employees at Google where he spent 10 years building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as Google's AdWords Evangelist. As a technologist at heart, he's always on the lookout for ways that technology can simplify the lives of marketers. As a founding member of the team that created the AdWords Editor, an industry-favorite tool for making AdWords account management more efficient, he knows what it takes to simplify managing AdWords and as a co-founder at Optmyzr, he hopes to continue creating world-class online marketing products.

Geetanjali Tyagi

Geetanjali Tyagi


Geetanjali worked at Google as an AdWords account manager and optimization strategist for five years. During that time she managed over $30M in AdWords spend and worked with clients in the Technology and Consumer Packaged Goods verticals in the US & UK markets. She worked closely with clients to design their SEM strategy and built their campaigns from the ground up. As a co-founder at Optmyzr, she is always looking for SEM processes that can be automated and simplified.

Manas Garg

Manas Garg


Manas worked with Microsoft as a developer for five years before starting Optmyzr. His expertise is in building Enterprise Application Integration products. He has extensive experience designing enterprise class software both for servers and for the cloud. These days he is responsible for everything tech at Optmyzr and spends his time architecting new tools that will make managing SEM campaigns easier. A geek at heart, he loves traveling. His first startup with Geetanjali was tripfeet.com - a site that makes travel planning easy and fun.

How Optmyzr Got Wiser

From building AdWords to solving the problems Google can't, life at Optmyzr revolves around making life better through technology.

Today, we're a global and diverse team capable of handling whatever the ad industry throws our way — 68 people in 4 countries, united by a culture built on respect and focus.

Recognition Through the Years

Global Search Awards

US Search Awards

UK Search Awards

Canadian Search Awards

Google Partner Awards Finalist

Inc. 5000 Finalist

The Road We've Taken


Optmyzr announces the invitational beta test of its cross-platform paid social tool for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads. More than 50 teams express interest within the first 2 weeks.


Optmyzr celebrates its 10th anniversary with a global team offsite in Thailand. Over 70 Optmyzr employees gather at the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya to look back on a decade of achievement, learn how their colleagues around the world work (and play), and prepare for the next 12 months of supporting paid media teams.


As Google flips the switch on automation like responsive search ads and Performance Max, we build the tools advertisers need to respond to that change. Where we don't have the answers ourselves, we gather the experts who do. Meanwhile, the Optmyzr team fully embraces a hybrid "work from anywhere" policy as team on-sites return for the first time since 2019.


Fred finishes his second book "Unlevel the Playing Field", which gives marketers a framework for succeeding alongside automation and AI. We start talking about it at industry events, on our blog, and on PPC Town Hall. Greater investment is made in our sales team.


We moved to a remote setup without compromising communication or output. Customer success makes sure marketers in hard-hit industries retain access to our software. Product launches workflow tools that are especially useful for distributed teams. We add support for Amazon Ads. Marketing starts PPC Town Hall with expert digital marketers.


The team grows to 25 people across the Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, and Santiago. Fred writes his first book to help digital marketers get the most out of an increasingly automated PPC landscape: "Digital Marketing in an AI World".


The India team meets all three founders when Fred flies down. During a hackathon, they build an integration to ask Alexa how your Optmyzr account is performing. Back in Las Vegas, we win Best PPC Management Software Suite at the 2018 US Search Awards.


All 10 employees meet in Bali for a company offsite: engineering, customer success, and founders. There are talks about what to create for our customers and the vision for the company.


Manas and Geetanjali travel to Palo Alto where they join Fred for a few weeks of in-person product design. Here they are at our booth at SMX West in San Jose, where we were a first-time sponsor.


After reaching $1 million in revenue, the Optmyzr team joins Startup Chile where we meet our first Chilean and customer success hire. With the founders travels Shashank, our first engineer who built the Rule Engine, Enhanced Scripts, Campaign Automator, and other tools.


Fred, Manas, and Geetanjali (L to R) connect over a Quality Score blog post on Search Engine Land and decide to team up. Optmyzr is incorporated on August 9, 2013 to create the Historical Quality Score Tracker. Manas builds it, Geetanjali sets up a support system, and Fred speaks about it at industry events.