PPC Bid Management

Bid management solutions ranging from quick fixes to fully automated hourly bid changes.

Let the machines put your bid methodology into practice.

Find and set the right bid adjustments for dayparting, mobile devices, and different locations.

Set bids for shopping ads based on data from individual products or shared attributes of products.

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Automate Bids

Automate the logic and rules you normally apply manually to your account.

Automated Rule Engine

Combine your expertise in PPC with your unique understanding of the business you're advertising to design bid rules that leave you in control.

  • Scheduled Bid Changes

    Set new bids hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You control the frequency.

  • Prebuilt Rules

    Start with prebuilt rules for target position, target ROAS, target CPA and tweak them as needed for your unique situation.

  • Use Your Offline Data

    Integrate your business data into bid management with an easy-to-use way to connect your offline data to Optmyzr's bid rule engine.

More Control

Don't give up control over bids to a black box system. When things don't go as planned, a black box system won't give you the flexibility to make adjustments.

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Bid Strategies That Evolve

If a black box bid management system stops performing at the desired level, your only option is to turn it off. Don't be left starting from scratch. Build rules that can evolve over time as the PPC landscape and your business evolve.


You know your business best. Use your knowledge to create custom bid strategies for different times of the year. If you're in e-commerce and the holiday season is big for you, set bid strategies to maximize sales.

Bid Adjustments

Optmyzr analyzes millions of rows of data and converts them into visualizations that can be used to set bid adjustments at the hourly level.

Set bid adjustments for different times of the week based on performance. Imitate a metric and set bid adjustments for different times of the week with a single click.

  • Set Hourly Bid Adjustments

    Analyze campaign performance throughout the week and set bid adjustments to maximize your investment (ROAS).

  • Use Aggregated Data

    When individual campaigns don't have enough data to make a bid adjustment decision, you can see aggregate data for similar campaigns and discover patterns that can be used to bid smarter.

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Shopping Bids

Instantly find out when there are issues with an account before they escalate.

Manage bids for all your shopping campaigns, ad groups and product groups in one step. Optmyzr's custom filters help you quickly hone in on items that need a bid adjustment and our One-Click Optimization lets you quickly act on the data.

  • Manage Bids At Scale

    All biddable elements of your account are shown on a single page. Use filters to find items that need a new bid and apply changes with one click.

  • Rolled Up Data Helps You Decide

    When individual product groups don't have enough data to make a bid adjustment decision, Optmyzr shows you aggregate data from similar products with similar bids to help you discover patterns that can be used to bid smarter.

Google Ads Bid Management Tips

Bid management is probably one of the processes for which most users use automation. Most tools have a black box approach to bidding where the account manager has no insight into what is happening.

This approach doesn't give you any control over the changes that are made and you can't create and modify bid rules. Users have the best insight into their business and the ideal solution is one where they can automate custom rules and update rules as their business changes.

Managing shopping bids based on business data rather than your product group structure in Google Ads can be tricky. That's why Optmyzr built the Shopping Attribute Bidder where you can analyze PPC performance based on common product attributes, regardless of which campaigns, ad groups or product groups they are in. Using these powerful new insights, you can then even change bids across thousands of scattered but similar product groups with a single click.

Optmyzr Loves Bid Management

At Optmyzr, we understand that account managers want to automate bid management while retaining some control. This is why the option of automating your secret sauce for bid management and optimizations is so appealing. We have multiple tools that help with automating bid management at different levels.

  • Use the bid rule engine to create custom bidding rules that can be turned on and off with a single click.

  • Set bid adjustments for time and geographic locations with one click using the Hour of the Week Bid Modifier and Geo Bid Modifier optimizations.

  • The Hourly Dayparting script can be used to set different bid adjustments for every hour of every day for campaigns.

  • The Shopping Bidder lets you change thousands of bids based on metrics like ROAS and conversion value.