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20+ Optmyzr Tools to Manage Google AdWords Account

Jul 21, 2015
Optmyzr Google Ads

Geetanjali Tyagi

Co-Founder & COO



One of the most common questions we get asked is how can Optmyzr help me or, what is Optmyzr? I’ve tried to answer these questions here.

At a high level, Optmyzr has API based Tools and Enhanced Scripts™ for AdWords. This blog post gives a quick overview of the tools available to users when they sign up for an account. The tools fall under three broad categories based on which function of AdWords management they will help you with.

Optmyzr Tools & Scripts

Data Insights

The tools under this section help you see trends and find optimization opportunities by converting rows of data into easy-to-understand visualizations. The tools that fall under this category are:

  1. Dashboard: Quick snapshot of how your AdWords account is performing across devices and networks. Data can be aggregated by labels.
  2. Hour of the Week: Find the best and worst-performing time-slots during the week for your AdWords campaigns.
  3. Geo HeatMap: Find the best and worst-performing geographic areas for ads in terms of traffic, conversions and ROAS.
  4. Performance Comparison: Compare performance of campaigns, ad groups, categories, devices and networks. Do quick post-optimization analysis.
  5. Quality Score Tracker: Get the historical Quality Score of your account, campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Compare how Quality Score affects Avg. CPC. Get a list of ad groups that need to be optimized.
  6. Landing Page Analysis: Find which Landing Pages in your AdWords account need to be worked on.
  7. Search Terms Word Cloud: Get aggregate data for all the long-tail queries that get drive traffic to your AdWords account.
  8. Spend Projection: Get an estimate of how much your account will spend using simple linear regression analysis.

One-Click Optimizations™

The tools under this section help you perform optimizations in your AdWords account with just one click. The system does all the data crunching to make intelligent recommendations. All you have to do is review and implement. The optimizations suggestions are made real-time.

One-Click Optimizations that help you optimize keywords:

  1. Conversion Lasso: Add converting and high CTR search terms to your AdWords account. It doesn’t recommend search terms that are already present as keywords.
  2. First Page Bridger: High-Quality Score keywords that are just below the first page bid.
  3. Keyword De-Duper: Shows keywords that are absolute duplicates. Recommends which one to keep and pauses the rest.
  4. Conversion Grabber: Finds high converting keywords that are losing impression share due to ad rank. Recommends selective bid increases for those keywords.
  5. One-Word Keywords: Finds one-word keywords in broad and phrase match that are accruing cost and traffic.
  6. Traffic Sculptor: Helps direct traffic to the right ads by recommending exact match negative keywords.
  7. A/B Testing for Ads: Uses statistical analysis to identify the best and worst-performing ads in an ad group including image ads for display.
  8. Display Placements Exclusion: Recommends placements to exclude based on your goal – Branding, Traffic or Conversions.
  9. Non-converting Keywords: Identifies non-converting keywords that are driving up cost.
  10. Hour of the Week Bidder: Set bid modifiers for different times of the week based on performance.
  11. Shopping Bidder: Let’s you change bids for product groups in shopping campaigns with one-click. Product Groups can be selected based on ROAS.
  12. Shopping Campaign Builder: This lets you create well-structured product groups from your Google Merchant Feed in minutes. You can manage bids and exclusions with just few clicks.


This section has the Custom Report Designer and some other tools designed specifically for reporting on AdWords account performance. The tools under this section are:

  1. Report Designer: This lets you create report templates for AdWords reports that can be used across accounts. You can whitelabel and schedule reports to be emailed automatically as PDF attachments. It gives you access to unique widgets like Hour of the Week, Quality Score Tracker and Geo HeatMap that are unique to Optmyzr reports. Don’t want to create a template from scratch? The section also has some pre-built templates that can be used. The icing on the cake is the ability to automatically schedule reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Instant Reports: Don’t have time to create a report template from scratch? You can use one of the instant report templates for AdWords or Google Analytics as is or customize them.

If you have questions or, need help getting started with Optmyzr, please feel free to write to us at