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5 Ways to Use Optmyzr’s Ad Text Optimization Tool During a Crisis

Apr 27, 2020
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Ashwin Balakrishnan

Senior Marketing Manager



Copywriting is one of the most versatile tools in a PPC marketer’s skill set for a reason. After all, words are the foundational building block of most channels, including paid search advertising.

But all the data in the world means precious little if you can’t craft messaging that drives conversions.

Today, we’re talking about our Ad Text Optimization tool and how it helps PPC marketers deliver ads with copy that works during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are five things it can help you achieve for your businesses and clients.

1. Let people know about operating changes.

This pandemic has forced businesses to rethink the way they operate. Government-enforced social distancing restrictions limit the number of people who can be in a store at once. On top of this, many employers have implemented new policies to limit their staff’s exposure to potential carriers of the virus.

With the Ad Text Optimization tool, you can make bulk edits to your ads that reflect any new operating conditions so that consumers know what to expect when they do business with you.

Use Cases

• Announce a full switch to curbside pickup for a big box retailer.

• Advertise a restaurant or cafe’s switch from dine-in to takeout only.

• Inform consumers of timings adjustments for stores normally open 24 hours.

2. Tell people about your new product experience.

For some verticals, there’s just no way around giving people a chance to see, touch, and feel the product. In other cases, the product is an experience. Either way, prevailing conditions demand that businesses get creative about providing this interaction in a safe environment.

The Ad Text Optimization Tool lets advertisers make sweeping changes to their campaigns to let consumers know about changes to methods of delivery, product experience, and more.

Use Cases

• Offer test drives at the customer’s doorstep instead of having to visit a dealership.

• Advertise mobile mini-shops with core hardware and home improvement SKUs.

• Announce a shift to virtual delivery for experiential services like yoga classes.

3. Keep up with implementation and easing of restrictions.

While much of the US, UK, and Europe are already sheltering in place, things are changing as we learn more about COVID-19. Local, state, and federal regulations are likely to be modified regularly as governments make new discoveries and observe medical data.

Whether you need to make regular updates, create new ads, or manage ads for multiple locations, the Ad Text Optimization tool gives you the power to create ads that are more likely to perform.

Use Cases

• Restart advertising for a non-essential business exiting regional lockdown.

• Publish in-store social distancing regulations for a barbershop.

• Announce geo-based store openings and closures for a franchise brand.

4. Be sensitive to prevailing conditions.

One of the biggest challenges for advertisers is making sure ads don’t come across as insensitive or tone deaf. Many phrases that are perfectly acceptable in a non-pandemic environment can be questionable when deployed today.

It can be difficult to manually track all these phrases across your campaigns and ads. The Ad Text Optimization Tool lets you search for and replace them in just a few clicks.

Use Cases

• Replace phrases like ‘go viral’ or ‘breathtaking’ when advertising your product.

• Avoid otherwise-appropriate words like ‘happy’ or ‘delighted’.

• Insert phraseology to discourage hoarding or advertise seniors-only windows.

5. Get new insights more quickly, and act on them.

It’s not just the markets that are volatile right now. Consumer sentiment is changing rapidly based on new developments — that includes search behavior. One of Google’s tips for account managers is to plan weekly, rather than monthly or quarterly.

To make weekly planning feasible, you need data on how your ad text influenced performance. The Ad Text Optimization tool lets you compare ads side by side with metrics including CTR, conversions, impressions, and more.

Use Cases

• Compare ads offering delivery and pickup to see which one performed better.

• Help a brick and mortar produce store quickly build accounts and start running ads.

• Scale the acquisition and application of new insights across multiple accounts.

Less time. Fewer mistakes. Better results.

The Ad Text Optimization tool significantly reduces the time and energy cost of making copy edits across your ads and campaigns. And it makes the exact same edit you want wherever it occurs — no gaps, no missed instances.

To learn more about this tool and its different features, check out our user guide. The Optmyzr team is also working from home, ready and available to help PPC professionals deliver value for their businesses and clients during this challenging time.

We’re here to help!