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One Click Optimizations Optmyzr Sep 29, 2014

Geetanjali Tyagi

Adding negative keywords to AdWords campaigns has been a long standing ask from our users and we’re happy to announce that this feature is now live in the Keyword Lasso.� The Keyword Lasso tool was designed to analyze the AdWords search terms report to find keywords to add with one-click. The search terms report is also where you get negative keyword ideas from and it made perfect sense to combine the two.

In the Keyword Lasso, you can now choose to add search terms as negative or positive keywords in broad, phrase or exact match at the ad group level. For positive keywords, the tool also gives you the option to select the BMM (Broad Match Modifier)� match type.

The advantage is that you can select positive and negative keywords to be added simultaneously and then upload them together in your AdWords account with a single click.

When you mark a keyword as negative, the row gets highlighted with a light red color. This helps differentiate between positive and negative keywords visually. You’ll see two drop downs next to the search term, one to select the type of keyword – Positve or Ad group Negative and the other to select the match type – Broad, Phrase, Exact or BMM (Broad Match Modifier).

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Geetanjali Tyagi

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